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Name: Operations
Employed as: Corporate office, for Less than 1 year
Posted: 13 March 2018

Pay attention. This is how it worked in the past. Under Wards rule your
OBWO information was critical for grants and attracting customers. That
is why you were ordered to manipulate the pick up, set off and depart
times at any industry you worked. The service star award that came with
the good numbers was great publicity and attracted potential customers.
No one really interviewed the customers in person to see if the service
was really performed as reported.
 No one wanted too. This area of business was and still is considered
in the calculations of management bonuses at the end of each year. It
was surprising when customer service saw post about the falsifying of
information on the OBWO reporting because it also helped with the craft
that received bonuses and the percentage was based on managements
performance ratings. You scratch our hacks and we will scratch yours.
Unfortunately it turned out that the only one receiving a bonus war the
engineers and conductors were left out. It's no wonder the conductors
were spilling the beans. They had nothing to lose.
But things are going to change. The new management team is going to
demand real numbers. Factual productivity. This is a whole new ball
game and a totally different type of business model. Attracting
customers is great but a hedge fun model is more walstreet.
Accountability on actual work performed and true reporting along with
accurate inventory will be expected. Customer cooperation and billing
will be tightened. Not knowing where cars are,where they have been or
where they are headed won't be tolerated. Reports need to be accurate.
In order to do this and do it right heads will have to roll. Work orders
must be accurate. Customers must get on board and do their part. If they
don't order the work then it doesn't get done. No more special favors.
This is a business not a charity service. Follow your bulletins. They
have a purpose. You may not see the big picture. reporting extra cars
pulled from an industry that were not ordered by that customer causes
more work and wasted time in the billing department. Moving cars or
picking up cars on line of road that are not on your work order does
not help solve the problems. Not knowing where cars are being set out
and by whom has to stop. Expect more changes to come. Report work
accurately and only do work that is ordered through documentation or on
the OBMO device.

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