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Name: Not laughing
Employed as: Conductor, for 1-10 years
Posted: 07 August 2017


Go ahead and post your stupid crap. We got so many people in bumped
status and no where to go it's not even funny. Barr yard has lost 67 

People and it's just beginning. Where the hell is trump now. Where are
all the unemployed going to go now.  Packing their bags and moving
anywhere they can find work. In the meantime customers aren't getting
served and our company we have stuck in and our lives invested in is
trying raped by a sick old dying man with millions running out of his
pockets.  This is all sickening! Forget your bonuses too. Management
isn't getting a dime.  The operation ratio is over 70% right now. So
much shit was wrote off when Harrison invested in the company that it
made the debt ratio look great but the fact is that didn't change the
operating cost and it's higher than ever. Smoke and mirror book
keeping and we are going to pay for it.  Just plain sick over this
shit! So get f@:$king  serious.  This isn't a damn joke!

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