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Posted: 10 February 2019

Old head pensioner here again because, well, I ain't got a lot to do.
Last time I encouraged CYA at all times and that will never change. 
I read the Wall Street comments, I agree that we are in an era of stock
price above all. BUT, this is just a reality that we must deal with. To
me it is about each individual railroader working safely and going home
in one piece and making it to pension. Have seen many guys over the
decades leave the RR and about 90 % wish they had stayed. I was one who
left and came back after seeing the bullshit is higher on the other side
of the fence.  I went through a lot of what is happening now, even
though it was decades ago. What did I do? When I came back, I resolved
to not let the bastards get me. I studied my job and others so I had
the knowledge to cover my ass. When I first hired on over near 50 years
ago as a switchman the only thing I knew was to try not to get killed.
Almost did a couple of times but thought I was invincible and just
moved on. There was no help except one generous older head who taught
me some of the ropes because "the RR is all about skull( knowing what
you are doing)." He also told me if I get the cl*p to lay my crank on
a windowsill and slam the window down on it. So he done taught me what
to do and not to do.
He's long dead but I will always be grateful he helped me. It made me
help others once I knew what I was doing.
 It took me about 10 years to finally put it together. The RR is a very
interesting place to work, as opposed to many factory jobs I had. It's
really a thinking man's game and best to understand it. Anyway sorry
for the story but I say it for 2 reasons, 1. survive and stay, 2.
Don't let the bastards win because they don't care. Get your rest and
God bless.

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