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Name: ghost
Employed as: APE, for 30+ years
Posted: 11 March 2018

thats the ignorant ass response i expected......your right... were
powerless in our own homes and you get a kick out of it..whats that say
about your character..its nothing short of harassment.i recorded one of
you this morning setting beside a church while they were in
service...blasting the horn..pinoca...crossings are 100 percent
protected.....thats pinoca yard there is a decibel  level
that you must abide by ....this ant the mid west  ya dumb red i said ive lived here for 42 yrs...its only been this bad
for 10....seaboard coastline was a different generation of men...its sad
how people get worse as time goes on....sign of the times i guess...lack
of empathy...

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