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Name: TryingToStayEmployed
Employed as: Locomotive Engineer, for 20-30 years
Posted: 01 December 2018

Im so tired of the imbeciles in charge not knowing how to do this
job.They're more worried about you leaving the crew room in 5 to 10
mins,how could you possibly do the job safely.I'I've come to work
half the time and have departed terminal with a brake slip and
paperwork ,rushed out of yard office and jettisoned to train only to
hit the first defect detector and low and behold,a bad axle
count.There's constantly no bills showing up on my tonnage graph where
we don't know what's in car and you have a jackass just worrying about
rushing you out of there.As a 22 year engineer,i hope they dont screw up
this company before i get a chance to retire,id hate to think ive been
tortured for nothing!

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