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Name: Smh
Employed as: Employed in other capacity, for 20-30 years
Posted: 27 June 2018

HR ,, the truth about CSX there main tool is intimating there workers
and we cant “boots”on the ground do are jobs properley the ones making
the lest money with family’s too feed  all on call working by whatever
they decide the contract which helps us maintain a half normal life is
stripped from us we move the cars we held to a microscope standers they
Lok the other way till big news happens and on a daily basis knowing
“boots “ on the ground will be at fault I seen it every day since I
have worked here it’s not a secret THEY have the money to drag the
courts out for anyone on the ground to fight this new regime bragging
to stock holders how much the gonna make by cuttilng jobs in all crafts
guys the ones that inspect  the equipment to guys that run the trains
it’s a bad place to be right now and on a daily basis we all know to
look the other way or donyou job and be fired it’s the big guys with
the millions that don’t give a shit ? This is “there plan” at
what point do we charge them there the ones with the plan to blame
everyone else I wanta see them in court on charges there the ones that
put us in the “Postiion “ TO FAIL that’s what happens when you push
employees to the limits on sleep work load and stress environment

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