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Name: Retired Now
Employed as: Conductor, for 30+ years
Posted: 31 March 2021

Penalty claims were never intended to supplement income.
The purpose is/was to stop practices that violated contract agreements.
Even completely\totally valid claims can, may have to go through the
process.  Way it is.  Most just don't seem to get that.   

Yeah, this is 2021 and lots of things have changed. Technology, etc.
has wiped out many RR employee positions over the yrs.  When was the
last time anyone who visits this site looked at, talked to a crew
caller face-to face, or a train order operator, a station agent. How
often does anyone get a locomotive fresh out of the "pit" checked,
cleaned, supplied, all ready to go?  On and on and on........ 

Same ol', same ol' though, give 'em an inch, the co. will try for a
mile.  Hope they don't get it.  Again, this is 2021, the big RRs are
not hurting like they were in days past.  The hell with wall st.

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