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Name: Intimidated
Employed as: Conductor, for 1-10 years
Posted: 11 January 2018


You LC's are apparently on here all the time along with the FRA and
other federal agencies.  Got a question for you.  How many more years
are you guys going to sit  back and allow csx management to break their
own rules all the time just to get things done quicker or to keep their
asses out of hot water for late trains and dwell time. How about you
pushing a change in the good faith challenge rules and start making
them cover more incidents. Like breaking the class 1 brake test laws.
How about them walking around without flash lights and proper PPE in
the fields. How about them using the phones all the time and calling
the crews all day long leaving messages and then busting our asses
because we didn't call them throughout the day and tell them every
time you took a piss!  How come the managers get to break the rules
that guys I have worked beside have been written up for. This horse
shit of coming up with rumor mill rules and nothing in writing has
gotten out of hand for way too long.  Why don't you do something about
this. I have reported this crap. I have called the ethics committee. I
have stepped up.  Now how about you doing your part in this. Why
doesn't the union circulate a system wide form to all union members
that you fill out with all we have seen and encountered. Make it
confidential. No names required. Just dates and who was doing it. Start
collecting information. That would be a start. Let management know they
got to play by the rules too. DO something!

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