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Name: FMLA
Employed as: Locomotive Engineer, for 20-30 years
Posted: 10 November 2020

So regardless of what co-workers think about folks using FMLA, CSX has a
obligation to allow use of granted FMLA use throughout the year without
interfering with, trying to restrain or intimidate into being afraid of
not using what it is for.

  With that being said, I recently spoke with a man in the G.C. office
last week and he strongly suggested I file a formal complaint with the
U.S. department of labor and contact a Attorney for legal advice.  To
be brief, I was sent a letter by CSX wrongfully accusing me of misusing
my approved FMLA in conjunction with rest days, D.V. and P.L. days. I do
not dispute I was doing this, but the days I used FMLA was for
documented Dr. appts. Note: pattern layoff on weekends was not a

  When a employee receives their FMLA approval letter for the allowed
number of mark offs for Dr. Appts, episodes that is your excuse folks.
No further verification should be needed until the annual renewal is
required. I was required to go to my Dr's and get notes for the days
in question, Fax this to the lady in the CSX FMLA dept. at this time
she forwarded this to the CSX chief Medical Officer who promptly
removed this from my record.

  This is unacceptable, just because CSX wants to get rid of all
Engineers and Conductor's and they don't have manpower to run trains
due to greed and incompetent management does not give them the right to
intimidate, bully and try to make it's employees to use FMLA. At the
end of the day, these are not good, decent people we work for and this
kind of abuse cannot be allowed to happen any further, If this has
happened to you file a complaint with the US dept. of labor, and by all
means contact a Attorney. I will personally be going after everyone
involved, CSX, lady in FMLA dept, and the company officer on the
certified letter.

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