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Name: big b
Employed as: Conductor, for Less than 1 year
Posted: 22 November 2006

I spent $10,000.00 to go to a conductor training school in Waycross,Ga.
I was told I had a job with CSX and I needed To attend their REDI
School in Atlanta, Ga. I had an 90 average from the conductor training
school and was told I had passed all of my drug test and physicals.
When I Got to the REDI School I was targeted the first day and put
under a microscope. Everybody there new my name and I had never met
them. The fact that I was  the oldest person in the school and that I
look middle eastern made my training very difficult.I am 52 years old
and my native American ansestry made it appear that I was from another
country. I was heckled the whole time I was there and they waited to
the last day to tell me my application was rejected. They made
accusations that I had made too many safety violations during my
training. The fact is I had not been trained on moving equipment prior
to the Atlanta School. I feel I should have another chance to go to to
the school and prove I can do the job.

Berry McIntyre 803-442-5871

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