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Name: Cond.
Employed as: Conductor, for 20-30 years
Posted: 29 June 2018


just read your survey from Dekra.  95 repetitive questions all asking
the same questions just in a different format. Your typical psycho trip
up questions. Just testing to see if you keep an accurate pattern of
opinions. This questionaire is similar to one we had 15 years ago when
another group came in and ran their "test".  Guess what happened.
NOTHING! We work just as safe as we always have. People aren't dying.
People aren't getting injured. There is no damn safety problem with
crews. However Supervisors are still doing what they always do. Rush
employees. Still get smart mouthed when challenged.  Still order
corners cut. The only so called safety issue they care about is damage
to equipment. NOT PEOPLE! Show us a list of injured employees across
the system. It's equipment your worried about. Work safely so
equipment is not damaged. Cut cost! This questionaire won't solve a
thing. Won't stop equipment from falling apart. Won't fix it. Won't
stop inspectors from turning their heads. employees are tired. That's
when things get missed. Equipment is getting hurt. NOT PEOPLE. THE
QUESTIONAIRE  IS A JOKE. No one comes to work to get hurt and it isnt
happening. It's all about blamming the employees for equipment
failures. Not a damn thing to do with real safety of the employee. Stop
breathing down the TM's necks to get unrealistic departure times. Your
the root cause for rushing and cutting corners. Your the reason for
cutting corners and not doing proper inspections. Your the reason work
orders have been screwed up for 20 years. Your the one who is solely
responsible for the internal disruption in operations. You don't proof
read or research anything properly before you issue orders. Your bandaid
approach has never worked. Your rule with fear and intimmidation hasn't
changed a thing in 20 years. Wake the hell up!  It's not working. We
are all just waiting for the day when the field supervisors finally
grow a pair of balls and tell you to stick it up your pompas butts and
come do it yourself if you think you can! 

Oh ...and if you haven't figured it out yet you can't run a scheduled
train on time if you don't have a frickin locomotive avaiable to run
it. Jeeeze!

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