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Posted: 11 January 2018

Creel, now that's interesting. He is a guy who knows his stuff. Talked
with him once and he educated me on something despite a 20 year
difference in age. Thought I was talking to a robot computer.  All
business and looks at operations as a matter of pride. Different from
HH. Now, Harris is the original HH. He is as tough as nails and is a
Marine Vietnam vet( Creel is an Iraq vet). Harris knows the railroad. 
I am so glad to be away from all this but I will say good luck to
everyone. Do what you want but if you want to keep working for the RR I
would do what I always did to survive, know the job and do the job well.
 In the end it is the only survival tactic. JMO, Good luck. 
A pensioner

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