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Name: Apetoo
Employed as: APE, for 1-10 years
Posted: 10 February 2018

Ape lessthanayear 

What got the burr up your saddle. Con 1-10 didn't say anything that
wasn't true. Maybe he has done one of those things you stated but that
wasnt the topic. It was about the abusers who drew attention to everyone
over time and screwed the legit men. Got you pretty upset. Wonder why?
Your definitely not very Christian yourself to be preaching to anyone.
You think it's ok to use fmla when it snows 4  inches to hide under
mommies skirt because it not your thing? Comment like that makes him a
full fledge worthless abuser.  In fact, if it snows and he marks off
fmla then everyone should be told what he said. The whole damn yard
should know.  Wouldn't hurt for a tm to hear either. People are layed
off who want to work. Send his ass packing and let someone come back.

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