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Name: TryingToStayEmployed
Employed as: Locomotive Engineer, for 20-30 years
Posted: 01 December 2018

Its amazing that the people who make the money for the company have to
put up with so much bullshit.They pay someone 300 million dollars for a
4 year contact,he only makes it 7 months,because they didnt make him
take a physical,but we cant even get legit claims paid.They give no
shits about contracts or anything,im not sure why the union cant do
anything about it.When the new Grandpa took the helm,he wanted us to
get up on a train and swap out on the fly,not to mention we're all
carrying 2 to 3 pieces of luggage and i have to be stopped to set up
PTC and trip optimizer for my run.He wants up to get up on the run but
he cant even get out of the way of his oxygen tanks!

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