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Name: not fooled
Employed as: APE, for 10-20 years
Posted: 13 April 2018


The writing is on the wall. With the push of a newer super pool at avon
yard without any given notice from any union official including the
LC's as well, we are all going to get screwed and lose all of our
seniority rights and choice of working conditions. Come on people!!!
Wake the hell up. How did anyone find out what was going down. They
read it in the crew management messages on the computers at work. Its
total bullshit that you have to find out anything that they may be up
to by reading the damn company computers. Where the hell is our union
representation. People got screwed over on their bid cards because
there were no real official warnings from anyone that it was a done
deal and was going down. The men who were screwed because they didn't
have their bid cards changed need to file Ethics charges against crew
management and demand a statement from their unions. If the bid cards
still contained the wrong information and no official notification was
sent out that is grounds to file suit. This is just another example of
the total lack of respect for the employees and the inept actions of
the officials at CSX. Why does this crap continue year after year after
year. It has nothing to do with Foote or his  cronies. This has been
going on with this company for the last 20 years. They were a joke the
day they took over conrail. As for the unions we have no one to blame
but ourselves. We have ever right to sue them by federal law. Read the
LMRDA rights for union members in the United states. We close our eyes
and turn away and now we have unions who disrespect us to the point
that we cant even get an answer from them or any notices of changes
that are occurring in the work place. Its just a sad joke anymore. When
the hell is it going to stop! If we all put a hold on our union dues,
you can bet your bottom dollar we would get their attention. That's
the only thing that will work. Hit them in the pocket book. Right now
as far as Im concerned they are stealing us blind and not representing
us to the fullest extent possible. Leaving us in the dark all the time
and relying on the company rumor mill to learn anything is totally
unacceptable! Something has to give and soon!

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