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Name: CSXsucksDekra
Employed as: Locomotive Engineer, for 20-30 years
Posted: 31 May 2018

CSX has hired Dekra Inc to undertake a safety assessment. Dekra inc
prides themselves as being a pioneer of Behavior Based Safety aka
“blame the worker”. 
One of the keys to these programs is defining “culture” of observing
employees’ unsafe acts and subsequently modifying their behavior. This
is done instead of recognizing the underlying causes of those acts and
modifying the worksite to make it safer. This practice makes it much
easier to shift responsibility to the workers instead of management’s
mandate to provide a safe workplace.
These programs also increase the amount of fear and intimidation on the
job. Workers are hesitant to report an injury or illness for fear of
being harassed as an unsafe worker or being disciplined for an unsafe

CSX managers are cock suckers

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