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Name: Canadian National
Employed as: APE, for 1-10 years
Posted: 08 October 2020

Here is some news!!! Look at what’s coming!!!!
For multi-craft employees engineers/conductors!!!!!!
BLET and SMART-TD double heading dues on CN GCA. Workers on the CN are
required to pay dues to both unions in order to maintain their
seniority which is around $280/month. Discussion of what we can do to
fight this. We need to be looking at contract to see what the actual
language says because of the situation in Canada where the unions have
to adjust dues monthly depending on whether a member is working as an
engineer/conductor/switchman.  this has been a threat from both unions
for a long time when the BLET and SMART have been in some kind of
dispute. this has been a possibility for a long time going back the ’85
agreement where employees hold seniority in multiple crafts. Discussion
of the deeper issues of the separations between the two unions and the
possibility of for example SMART threatening to revoke the trainman
seniority of non-SMART members in the future as retaliation for one
person crews. that it is in both the SMART and BLET contract that a fee
must be paid to maintain seniority so it is highly probable that the
unions are well within their rights to demand that a worker pay dues to
both unions.

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