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Name: loco
Employed as: Locomotive Engineer, for 20-30 years
Posted: 14 April 2018


It sad to say but you are right. I remember when my dad was a member of
a union. Grew up in a house hold of die hard union members. His union
always kept them in the loop and the union reps always had information
posted on their union boards. His legislative reps and international
reps always kept up with him and the workers and made regular visits to
the shop. The unions we have now are so corrupt its not even laughable
anymore. they know the more we know the more power we have as a group.
The more info we have and the better educated we are the better chance
we have of calling them out when something underhanded is going on. In
my dads shop if they caught a union rep horse trading grievances under
the table or dealing with management in a way that would put a member
under the bus they kicked his ass and got him out of office. No room
for that bull crap. No one cares anymore which makes no sense. You work
your ass off out here and give up your family life to pay your money to
a union that acts like they don't have to tell you a damn thing or ask
your opinions. They come up with side letters and make work rule changes
without even getting the members involved. Your right. They do a lot of
shit which is against our rights as union members. The local chairman
don't tell you shit and act like they are in managements pockets. 
The biggest problem of all is that no one puts claims in because they
get denied or it take months to get one settled. What the idiots don't
understand is the claims ARE NOT THEIR TO SUPPLEMENT THEIR INCOME! I get
so sick of hearing them all saying whats the point if you cant get paid.
The claims are their to fine/punish the company for violating our
agreements. They are not their as extra income. Put the damn claims in.
Even if they are denied forward them and keep the paper trail going. You
cant get any abuse stopped if you don't put in the claims and start a
paper trail. If people would stop thinking that the claims are just
another boost to their paychecks and they are really a way to draw
attention to their violations maybe they would put them in. But then
people are so lazy out here and dont care anymore. I put my claims in.
I don't expect to get a dime out of them. I do expect to get answers
from my Union Rep on their progress and expect my money they take to be
spent on keeping me in the loop. My rep thinks Im a pain in the ass but
he took the job and I expect him to do his job. Cant handle the heat
get the hell out of the kitchen!

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