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Name: Railroader
Employed as: Brakeman, for 30+ years
Posted: 07 May 2020


Take a good look at it now! Your blind and don't see it! SENIORITY!
Experience! Years of experience out there. Men who are seasoned and
know the ropes. Men who know their games. Men who know how to get
things done. Men who have learned how to get claims paid. Men you can
put it to them if need be. They know this. That's why they are scared
and intimidating you. You know the tricks. You know their weaknesses.
They would love to get rid of you and bring back the pups who they can
mold and brainwash.  A work force of old heads is their worst
nightmare. Stick together and do what you do best! Do as the old heads
before you have done when backed into a corner! You know what to do!

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