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Name: Truth
Employed as: Friend or family of employee, for 10-20 years
Posted: 28 December 2021

As a wife of a former CSX conductor/engineer I just wanted to take a
moment to vent and hopefully steer anyone that’s considering employment
with a class 1 railroad far far away! After 14 years with CSX my husband
left the company. The culture which has always been bad has gotten
progressively worse the last few years. Enough so that many 10 plus
year employees have left including my husband. 
     The company treats its employees horribly. Ever heard of paying
for out of service insurance?! It’s something most railroaders pay
every month in case they are fired or suspended. The company literally
goes out of its way to fire you. They can’t maintain adequate staffing
and yet try to fire you. Doesn’t make much sense huh?! 
    CSX is on attendance policy 7.0 or so. They keep adjusting the
policy, making it more restrictive. Which has actually backfired as it
in itself has been the “final straw” for many to leave. 
    The work/life balance is non existent and as with everything else
with this company it has went from bad to horrible the last couple
years. CSX is severely understaffed.  In the name of profits they have
attempted to do more and more with less. Which has put the employees at
a breaking point. People want to have a life outside of work! Yet CSX
expects people to be on call at all times, no set work schedule
whatsoever, spend time away from home at hotels, living a grueling
lifestyle. All this and you get one off day a week!! Just doesn’t seem
real does it?! This in itself is the number one reason employee
retention is at an all time low and hiring of new employees is more
difficult than ever. No one in their right mind would start as a new
hire with these conditions. Many other places are hiring with similar
to better pay…home every day and one does not have the phone ringing
constantly at all times thru the night!  
    CSX needs to have a vast overhaul of their work culture! People
especially now days aren’t going to work the same archaic schedule with
hours, being on call and away from home, ect they did 30 years ago.

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