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Name: conductor
Employed as: Conductor, for 1-10 years
Posted: 14 April 2018


This effected the conductors as well. Im not qualified on both runs and
I was told that a TM said the conductor can be qualified by the
engineer. I know engineers are not allowed to use conductors as pilots.
Just how in the hell is an engineer going to teach me everything on the
job while he's up in the cab and Im on the ground. What are we
supposed to do? Do job briefings and try to discuss every single step
over the radio? This is a frickin safety issue. I also heard that the
company was bulking on a having classes and getting us the rules books
on the foreign line territory we are going to be working on.  This
whole thing was done without any safety consideration for the crews at
all. Has anyone asked the FRA how this is supposed to be handled? How
about the engineers. Have they talked at all on how they plan on
qualifying conductors from the cab?
This is just another stupid move that this company does all the time.
Should have had classes and got foreign line books out to everyone
ahead of time and at least prepared them. Someone needs to give the
foreign line a heads up on whats happening so they can get ready to
help us out with their guys!

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