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Name: Bye bye csx
Employed as: Conductor, for 1-10 years
Posted: 08 August 2017

Just a heads up. Barr yard in chicago is likely to be shuttered very
soon. More than 60 men were cut off this week alone. That number is
about to go up again. Barr yard is responsible for a full 25% of ALL of
csx income. Thats your research. Barr keeps the lights on.
Barr is the only terminal consistently running in he black. And hes
closing it. What do you think is going to operating ratio? Way up
 Know what that means? Deeper job cuts. 15 years of seniority is no
longer a safety net. This monster at the helm hates you, and this
company. He never came here with any intention to improve anything.  He
is here to dsmantle it. Want to know why? Because CSX told him no. This
is a temper tantrum. Pure and simple.

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