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Name: A.P.E.
Employed as: Locomotive Engineer, for 10-20 years
Posted: 04 July 2018

I was intimidated ( well he tried ) by a trainmaster, and wasn't the
only one he pulled that crap on. We turned him in for all we could, it
took three months and now he is off administrative leave.I hope that
dumbass learned a lesson, I doubt it, but he is being moved! 
  there is a terminal in west virginia where if the have trouble with a
trainmaster they start reporting injuries, no matter how minor, after 5
fra injuries on their juristiction a trainmaster gets fired! I've
suggested that here but too many people are afraid of those punks.
personaly i've seen too many conductors make mistakes while switching,
yarding or building trains because a trainmaster is pressuring everybody
to hurry up. fortunatly those errors haven't resulted in too big of a
safety hazard. No matter how much i tell those younger employees to
slow down before something bad happens they won't, and it worries me
somebody is going to get hurt. If you look at the trainmaster turn over
rate you'll see that many have desided to use their conscience or are
tired of not seeing their own family, as for the ones who stay,i
question their wisdom.
 As for attendance in my terminal we've had an engineer and two
conductors have a heart attack on a train (one came back to work, one
is on disability, and one didn't make it), because they were afraid to
mark off sick, too many others come to work sick or exhausted because
their afraid.
 If any one from 500 water steet in jacksonville reads this i hope they
do because if they don't lighten up somebody out here will get hurt, a
conductor or engineer will screw up and headlines, or God forbid, some
of our unstable empoyees might be off their meds and somebody could get
hurt or killed. I don't think those idiots know how bad we are being
stressed out and over used. when will enough be enough? You can only
squeeze so much money from this company! 
 As for the derka servey i't will likely be like the last survey and
will be spun and doctored to look better than it realy is out here. We
all know it's ( use own favorite words ) but there isn't a whole lot
that can be done.

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