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Name: Danville Dan
Employed as: Locomotive Engineer, for 20-30 years
Posted: 08 August 2017

For those of us that work into and out of Chicago we know the CT crews
are some of three laziest around.

 EUGENE finally found out how little the crews do up there and has
started charging them with insubordination stealing time. Charge 10 of
them last week , so in retaliation they started to lay down  and he
said fine I'm shutting the whole thing down, sending all traffic he
can To BRC Clearing, IHB Blue Island, and CN Kirk (via the new Cline
Ave connection at MP DC 1). 

The Danville, Garrett and Grand Rapids crews will take their trains to
these yards vs. BARR.  Only a skeleton crew will be left at Barr to
switch local customers. In case you're wondering, CSX technology has
provided him and HQ with a tool that uses GPS off every yard locomotive
to provide a report on when locomotives start moving vs. Going on duty,
where it went during shift, switchlists issued and when locomotive
stopped moving vs. When crew finally tied up.  Kinda easy to see crew
on duty at 0700, locomotive parked next to yard office shut down, and
doesn't start moving till 0900. Then see loco parked at 0230 but crew
marks off at 1700, like click work....every day.  They think no one
sees, but they do.  If it's going on where you work it's only a
matter of time, we next change our ways, or the ax and charge letters
will flow...

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