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Name: Truth
Employed as: Corporate office, for 10-20 years
Posted: 01 June 2018


Dekra is coming in as a smoke and mirror tactic.  It's just a way to
try and fool the public into thinking they are taking further actions
to prevent more accidents. We all know it won't work. Intimmidation
never does. The train accidents are not always the crews fault.
Accidents caused because of improperly lined switches are not caused by
someone ignoring the rules. Fatigue causes 99% of these type of
incidents. Losing ones concentration due to lack of sleep or being
rushed for time by management can usually be to blame.  Working 12-14
hour days on a train or sitting outlawed all night causes major stress
and mental fatigue. Look at csx history. Any time something major
happens they always come up with a scheme to look like they are taking
corrective action and it always involves some form of crew correction
instead of management correction. Calling in Dekra is just another
public appeasment tactic. Only an idiot could not figure out their

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