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Name: conductor
Employed as: Conductor, for 20-30 years
Posted: 01 September 2020

Wake up

All you dumb asses need to get your heads out of the sand. When the
vaccine winner comes forward and takes the crown, Gates  and Fauci gets
their millions and they start mass production and distribution,
everything will go back to normal and it will be business as usual. It
won't happen until elections are over because the shit stirring dems
and groups they have offered all the American freedoms and bogus
packages too need a bad economy under trump as a way to get voters. I
will be back on here later to tell you I told you so. Look at how quiet
the country and media has gotten on the all evil death to the world
virus has gotten. Are you all too stupid to see how it died down. The
rioters took the stage just like they planned. Now they will sit back
and get stinking rich off of the damn vaccine we don't need! Biggest
damn over blown pandemic in the history of man kind. Now, show me the
damn numbers of people sick from the flu.  It will be quiet as hell
because it will take away from the virus. Once the vaccine is out and
everyone in the world is safe now and the bastards are rich, the flu
will show up again. This is how big pharma and their CEOs stay filthy

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