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Name: Winning
Employed as: Brakeman, for 1-10 years
Posted: 09 January 2021

" The Company shall maintain a sufficient number of extra employees to
protect customer service obligations and vacations, personal leave days
or other extended vacancies." Stop attacking your fellow employees! We
are the Union! CSX is not doing what it should. In Montgomery they
removed our personal leave days. This company has no integrity. When
committed to integrity a company will thrive in even the toughest
situations. At CSX I have seen an organization choose a different path.
Other extended vacancy... The extra board is intended to be a list of
"extra" employees. Not a board that is always exhausted. They either
don't know or care enough to follow the agreement. They fire so many
people and ruined countless careers, in an effort to drive up the
bottom line..if you haven't realize that you, must think you are part
of the "winning culture" Go put in the extra work so they can pay the
shareholders more dividends.

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