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Name: Xvlc
Employed as: Conductor, for 10-20 years
Posted: 01 June 2018


We've been through this before. When head Hunter Ingram came in and
started the harrassment and intimidation. Union members stuck together
and filed the forms given out for excessive discipline and
intimidation. When the hit list names of employees got out the FRA got
involved as well. When the southern training manual for supervisors was
leaked shit hit the fan. The manual was proof of the stalk and fire
mentality that CSX was using to get failure numbers and send a message.
WARD denied knowing anything. Covered his arss. Crews had enough.
Followed every rule to the book. Checked every slip, TRIP and fall.
They werent a bunch of wussy"s.  They shopped equipment and turned in
all hazardous safety concerns. Dekra can come in and give it their best
but they cross the line and pull the crap we've seen before I got all
faith we will stand out ground again. Our safety issues are not bad. We
have no injuries that amount to anything in our terminal. Our damage to
equipment isn't squat. Their after something else. Dekra is not needed
in our terminal. They don't like anyone reporting their faulty
equipment or calling the FRA or Osha. People have been standing their
ground and the only recourse they have is to come in and start the damn
harrassment and intimidation tactics. Again, there is no need for Dekra.
They want to play games I say BRING IT ON!

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