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Name: Oldhat
Employed as: Locomotive Engineer, for 30+ years
Posted: 14 June 2017


A lot of truth in your post.   

But I've seen several ceo with totally different ideas.  CSX has made
money since it was founded by Snow.  The RR is an absolute monopoly. 
This place can and will make money regardless who is El Capitan. Anyone
can layoff men and close terminals down?HH isn't turning this place
around it was already successful before his. Arrival.    HH legacy or
anyone else affiliated with the RR won't be remembered 20 years after
passing.   No one will even remember his name in 10 years.       

You're correct I can only speak on divisions I've worked. The four
I've worked there are a few flips in a year, a few more dhs  and very
seldom is a trip less than 10 hours.   

I know everything on the RR is time consuming.  Let's say someone has
a 6 hour trip.  By the time lower management makes up their minds goes
over the bs you, talk to dispatcher, wait on dispatcher bulletins, talk
to customer service for work order go over paperwork find an error, talk
to everyone again get it ok'd. Now you're ready to go but the damn cab
isn't there. Call cab company call chief.  Trainmasters calls you so
explain what the hell is taking so long. Ride shows up dh to train
traffic slows you down. Finally make to train unlock it, fire up the
engines, take the brakes off buzz up dispatcher, buzz up dispatcher,
buzz up dispatcher, dispatcher answers ok bulletins. Tells you you will
leave after the 3rd train.  3rd train passes no signal buzz up
dispatcher buzz up dispatcher buzz up dispatcher dispatcher answers ask
if you stiil have a cab?  You tell him no he says I'll order you one
because you don't have enough time.etc etc etc

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