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Name: News! 
Employed as: APE, for 20-30 years
Posted: 16 March 2018


You want to do something about the crap? You want to put the heat on
the "BOSS"?  Then you do it with the media. You do it with the
internet. You do it with this website. I can tell you without a shadow
of a doubt that the one thing that CSX does not want or will not
tolerate is BAD PUBLICITY! It's bad for business. It's bad for public
relations and it just plain outright bad for their image. They will
spend thousands on safety to look good for awards but they will spend
millions on their image and trying to protect it. What fourtune 500
company wants to do business with a company who looks inept as hell and
could be a threat to their image by doing business with them. I
personally have sat at the tables with public department heads and bad
publicity is a constant fear. You see and hear first hand what goes on.
You see the right hand not knowing what the left is doing. You see every
day the idiotic moves. You have the ability to let everuone know what is
really happening every day. You got names and places.  You have
incidents that happen. The tongue is mightier than the sword. The
internet is even worse. Be truthful. He honest. Don't blow things out
of proportion. Most of all don't be afraid to expose it! 
You want an example of what I'm talking about? There's an engine out
there that's being shuffled all over the system and has been for over
2 weeks now and.....hold on to you hats.....IT'S BEEN BROKE DOWN AND
earth would you drag a broke down locomotive that is of no use and dead
weight all over the place instead of sending it to the locomotive
repair shop. I can't think of one good reason to do something this
stupid unless people are so clueless of what's going on they have no
idea it's out there anymore!  No need to put the number of it because
shit is getting ready to hit the fan about it but it's just another
example of whats going on.  Get the idea now?

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Name: Law
Employed as: APE, for Less than 1 year
Posted: 16 March 2018

Right on go for it. Start to organize the troops leaders  are needed
like you.

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Name: American worker
Employed as: Other, non-employee, for N/A
Posted: 16 March 2018

Carl da Troof , well said ! Take your stock , benefits and job and shove
it! I can't wait to get the Fxxx out. Like you said most company
privateers either have no skill set to leave the company or they've
accepted that their life will suck for 40 years while they work at that
dump it reminds me of a bad marriage relationship where the woman says
she's only sticking it out for the kids only in this case people say
they're only sticking it out for the retirement and don't realize
it's not even worth it

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Name: Co
Employed as: Conductor, for 1-10 years
Posted: 16 March 2018


MOLE!!  Slither back under your rock....Csx rock...

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Name: Knucklepin
Employed as: Brakeman, for 1-10 years
Posted: 16 March 2018

When can we get this hourly rate?  Also mgmt can you please continue to
fire all the babies that whine and cry about going to work five days a

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Name: Psych
Employed as: Employed in other capacity, for 20-30 years
Posted: 15 March 2018

Pay attention!!

For years and years railroaders have been conned and manipulated
because you let them do it. Upper management is well aware of the
gossip hens and the crew room rumor mill. They use this to their
advantage to condition you like a rat in a lab experiment. They toss
out a little crumb of information on a plan they wish to accomplish
months ahead of time. Sometimes it is as long as a year before they
want to roll it out. Then they count on the rumors, the gossip and the
guessing to begin. They sit back and watch you scream, debate,discuss
and throw every senario under the sun out there. They let you post on
this site, rebel against your union and speculate till the cows come
home. Then after they feel like you have finally settled down and start
becoming weak they wait just a little bit longer. They wait until you
finally give up and say ...."They are going to do what they want to
anyway"! Then they come in for the kill. Everything you were going
crazy over is now being put in place.  The kicker is now they already
have you broke down. Your done going crazy. No more debating. No more
speculating. Easier now to toss out the crap and watch you just walk
away because the fight is out of you. They have been using this plan of
attack on you for so long you don't even realise they do it to you.
Your going through it right now! Your quiet. The frenzy over the hourly
wage and taking your job choices away is dying down. Watch your backs. 
It's time for them to move in. You better start getting something out
of your unions now. It's called ANSWERS!!!!!

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Name: Bob Kennedy 
Employed as: Locomotive Engineer, for 20-30 years
Posted: 15 March 2018

Thought this site would actually be informative,  but I have come to
realize it is nothing but a bunch of psycho,  conspiracy theorists ...
they are selling this closing this. It's obvious no one knows anything
unless it happens.. I mean with these fools only worried about running
the stock prices up and the employees and customers in the ground thats
the only facts that we have at this time.

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Name: Longrail
Employed as: Conductor, for 30+ years
Posted: 15 March 2018

2018. CN hiring 800 trainmen.   CSX laying off and getting their ass
sued by customers and employees.      2022 prediction CSX will try to
recall furloughed men with no success and will be in the same situation
CN is in.    JX HQ full of puppets and thieves.

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Name: Ely Carter-Williamson
E-mail: Nsrailfan8114@gmail.com
Employed as: Friend or family of employee, for N/A
Posted: 15 March 2018

I am educating CSX Management for a project in school.  

Dear Mr. Foote and all management hired by E. Hunter Harrison last year

I am a local railfan who is 14 and is NOT your employee/slave nor will
be part of the mess that you created at CSX. As you know, there is an
incident in the Kanawha River that is caused by your company in 2015
while Harrison was CEO of CP Rail. It spilled crude oil into the river
where the wildlife is easily affected. Although that the Train K080
(North Dakota-Yorktown, VA) is known for derailments in Lynchburg, VA a
year prior before this one. This “accident” was located in the Town of
Mount Carbon in West Virginia along the New River Subdivision. This
“accident” was caused by a broken rail as well as ice and snow. As a
result, the EPA ordered CSX to clean up the mess. In case this may
occur again which it will since your “Precision Railroading” which is
known for causing service problems and Employees being rushed by an
even more stressful schedule, here are some options that you and your
environmental team can do to protect your environment for a better

The first option is to use Booms to contain the river before it
destroys more of the wildlife. You won’t be able to destroy the
environment more in the future. Although it may be an eyesore to some
people and can only remove some of the oil, resulting in minor damage
to wildlife. It won’t be effective to your company though as you will
have to clean up the mess that you cause. 

The Next Option is to use Chemicals. A Special kind of Chemical is used
to disperse the oil quickly although it can’t be used on weathered oil.
However, it is expensive to clean up. Also, It may contaminate the
water supply in the future as well as cause more problems around its
environment. If it occurs, expect angry lawsuits where you lose in them
(which is to be expected) 

My Last option is to prevent more situations like the one in West
Virginia and Lynchburg. That option is to divert oil trains away from
the hard hit Appalachian coal routes unless very necessarily (NOT for
fastest route) or you can let your rival NS or pipelines to take full
credit of delivering your crude oil. The track condition shows that the
region is not suit for these types and diverting it to better conditions
can lessen the chance for an accident like this to occur. It could be a
problem somewhere else, but I do ensure that you won’t get sued by
angry people/employees more. Also, you may find a faster more reliable
route for them.

I suggest that you should use booms and the prevention method I
recommended. Even though that it won’t help your company, it can still
protect your already ruined reputation. I hope that you take these
options seriously in case another Mount Carbon occurred. Maybe that it
can be your only promise that you did not break.  


Ely Carter-Williamson

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Name: Hogger
Employed as: APE, for Less than 1 year
Posted: 15 March 2018

It was an article I lifted from the paper on pot in the work place. Why
is everyone a mole that posts article you don’t like. Are you that
paranoid pal.

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Name: Pot
Employed as: Employed in other capacity, for Less than 1 year
Posted: 14 March 2018

After July 1 2018 pot is legal in Canada. If your nineteen you can by it
legally and smoke it. So railroader that are in a safety sensitive
position. On there days off smoke a joint or go to a party and breath
it in.one joint can stay in the body for 30 days the more body fat and
the longer it stays in you. Pot is not water soluble you can’t flush it
out with water. It stays in fat cell for a long time. Wonder how the
railways are going to deal with it. And you can legally have in your
possession 30 grams of pot.

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Name: Inept
Employed as: APE, for Less than 1 year
Posted: 14 March 2018

I said this before Hh cut so deep at cn and cp, now they can’t move
grain it’s rotting in the bins. Cn is trying to hire 600 conductors.
For western Canada. Cp trying to get people back also. Canada and USA
vacancies. Now labour seems to matter, the goverment stood by and
watched it go down. Parking bad order hopper cars instead of fixing
them. Now the rr are putting pressure on goverment to buy new cars.
Give the tax payer the bill. Sad thing is the rr will get it. Where are
the watch dogs over these companies. O ya deregulation , on safety and
everything, big companies want it they get it. But go on strike your
destroying the country. But knowingly and purposely not shipping one of
the biggest products is ok. There is a 60 days serplus of grains in the
world. You would think it would be priority number one. And goverment
putting the pressure on the railways. They are passing a bill c-49
that’s going to fix everything. Fine the rr it looks good in the
newspapers. But no money changes hands. But they can blame employees
for everything with confidence and a straight face what a joke. CSX is
going to get a lot worse before it gets better. The same people that
did this in Canada are now at CSX expect more of the same

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Name: watching
Employed as: Conductor, for 10-20 years
Posted: 14 March 2018


This has been going on for years in this company. They have always
shown favoritism including crew management. Giving certain people PB
days but not letting others take it. Guys who suck up to them are
mysteriously getting their days turned off when they aren't supposed
to but if you look into their history(which the LCs have started doing)
They are manipulating the system by changing their job starts and
busting calls along with manipulating info to make it look like their
rest was messed up and then resetting their starts.  It wont be long
before the FRA is notified and this shit comes to a halt!!!

As for targeting, these extra board and out of town crews need to make
notes of anything they see or hear  with dates, times and names of who
is doing the same thing that others are getting written up for. The
only thing about this is if the supervisor is not there to witness it
they can come back and say they didn't know the other crews were doing
the same thing. They can say they just happen to be there at the time
the incident they wrote them up for occurred. Crews have to start
keeping track of the supervisors and get as much dirt as they can when
they are out and about with their regular crews.  The only way to stop
this shit is to start getting as much proof as possible on the
favoritism. Any radio transmissions your hear that is relevant write it
down with all info. Yeah we all know the radio tapes disappear when its
convenient for the company but at least you have word for word
conversations and when it happened!
Good guess the observation testing is going to come back full force and
the old Jacksonville hit squad with orders to get the failures up will
be out in full force. They deny they have the orders but we all know
its put out there. There are plenty of us who have talked with retired
TM and RF along with ones who were being transferred to other divisions
that spilled their guts and told us everything. The loyalty to the
company is not as good as they think it is. It really sucks that we
have to work in an industry that is built on so much back stabbing and
cut throat behavior and outright hostility in the workplace! Its one
for one now. Us against them.  DOCUMENT...DOCUMENT...DOCUMENT!

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E-mail: Job cuts
Employed as: APE, for Less than 1 year
Posted: 14 March 2018

CSX has confirmed that they want to cut another4200 jobs by 2020. You
are not special you are not valued employee. Why does any discipline
that the company dishes out surprise you. They are looking for “CAUSE”
to fire you, if they can’t find cause they can pull you out of service
for the smallest detail. It’s not fair but that is what they are doing.
Did it at cn cp. CSX is not any different. If they can can fire you for
cause they save big bucks in the long run. You can be a model employee
they still have you in there sites. To CSX management it is just
business. There stock is slowly on the rise and in companies mind they
are are doing the right thing.

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Name: Wax
Employed as: Locomotive Engineer, for 10-20 years
Posted: 14 March 2018

We have targeting of out of town crews and extra board people filling
vacancies going on in Waycross. 

Warn a regular on a job but write up and fire a guy on the extraboard.
And the thing the person gets wrote up for is the same thing the other
2 jobs are doing.

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Name: cond
Employed as: Conductor, for 20-30 years
Posted: 14 March 2018


What you said is all fine and dandy but I have been in this horse and
pony show for over 20 years. Every single day I report to work there is
some kind of mix up. Wrong car wrong train. Cars in the train that are
not on the OBWO device for delivery. Taking too many cars to smaller
industries that we know aren't going to fit and having to bring them
back. We have been told the supervisors have been ordered to keep the
cars moving around. That makes it look like we are moving the freight
and not letting it sit. Shuffle it back an forth between point A and B
until it finally gets delivered. Used to set cars outside of an
industry on spur tracks and show them delivered. Come back the next day
and spot them. Sometimes it would be a couple days before they were
actually delivered. When I work the road its the same joke. Told to
stop and pick up cars along the route that are not on the work order.
No paperwork for them. Try and get the dispatcher to get paperwork sent
to us to pick up in route and no one has a damn clue what train they
came off of or exactly when they were set out. Used to green sheet work
like that 20 years ago. Faxed the info to the work order department when
we got to the AFHT. Haven't done that in years. Road trains don't
carry an OBWO device. One of my personal favorite jokes of all is when
Jacksonville sends you a work order of your train and the tonnage graph
for the engineer only has the engine numbers and the whole train is
missing. How in the hell can you send a crew a work order with just
engines on the tonnage graph and nothing else. Do these people in the
work order department not understand that there had to be cars with the
train. If its just a light power move that's understandable. The rest
of the work order has a block summary with info. So how in the hell
does the tonnage graph come through without the cars?????  This kind of
inept reporting happens all the time and has been happening since CSX
took over conrail.
You got your work cut out for you. I don't know who's heads are going
to roll as you stated but it darn well not be anyone on the crew. we
don't do this. We aren't responsible for this but yet we make phone
calls and do extra leg work every day because of this. Do we get any
credit for it? Do we get clerical pay for it? Do we ever get a simple
thank you for fixing the problems you and management created?
NO....NO......No!!!!  What we do get is a bunch of lip if things don't
go right and cars aren't worked in order or set out as scheduled
because we don't have the proper info and spend hours getting things
in order. When Foote starts holding everyone accountable for this I
hope he has old fashioned railroad sense and doesn't come back on us
in the field with blame and discipline because we aren't the ones with
this problem, We are just the BACKBONE of the railroad!

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Employed as: Other, non-employee, for N/A
Posted: 13 March 2018

A day late and a dollar short, still in big sellout and layoff mode, but
the stock gains a little each week. Most likely will till the big
selloff is over.

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Employed as: Friend or family of employee, for 20-30 years
Posted: 13 March 2018

The new mgmt cares only about stock price. Can someone point to the
company mission statement? There is none.  Shameful

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Name: Operations
Employed as: Corporate office, for Less than 1 year
Posted: 13 March 2018

Pay attention. This is how it worked in the past. Under Wards rule your
OBWO information was critical for grants and attracting customers. That
is why you were ordered to manipulate the pick up, set off and depart
times at any industry you worked. The service star award that came with
the good numbers was great publicity and attracted potential customers.
No one really interviewed the customers in person to see if the service
was really performed as reported.
 No one wanted too. This area of business was and still is considered
in the calculations of management bonuses at the end of each year. It
was surprising when customer service saw post about the falsifying of
information on the OBWO reporting because it also helped with the craft
that received bonuses and the percentage was based on managements
performance ratings. You scratch our hacks and we will scratch yours.
Unfortunately it turned out that the only one receiving a bonus war the
engineers and conductors were left out. It's no wonder the conductors
were spilling the beans. They had nothing to lose.
But things are going to change. The new management team is going to
demand real numbers. Factual productivity. This is a whole new ball
game and a totally different type of business model. Attracting
customers is great but a hedge fun model is more walstreet.
Accountability on actual work performed and true reporting along with
accurate inventory will be expected. Customer cooperation and billing
will be tightened. Not knowing where cars are,where they have been or
where they are headed won't be tolerated. Reports need to be accurate.
In order to do this and do it right heads will have to roll. Work orders
must be accurate. Customers must get on board and do their part. If they
don't order the work then it doesn't get done. No more special favors.
This is a business not a charity service. Follow your bulletins. They
have a purpose. You may not see the big picture. reporting extra cars
pulled from an industry that were not ordered by that customer causes
more work and wasted time in the billing department. Moving cars or
picking up cars on line of road that are not on your work order does
not help solve the problems. Not knowing where cars are being set out
and by whom has to stop. Expect more changes to come. Report work
accurately and only do work that is ordered through documentation or on
the OBMO device.

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Name: Pick a number
Employed as: Other, non-employee, for N/A
Posted: 13 March 2018

I think with the layoffs Foote can go to pick a number system for
customers like they do at dept. of motor vehicles. Do to layoffs
customer can just wait till we get to you. Sorry for the back log. But
our operating ratio has to come down. And if losing customers to do it
is what we have to do. We have customer demand so we reduce work force.
There is nothing wrong with this picture. Is there?Fucked up in

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