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Posted: 05 March 2017

Nice but pitiful post in content. CSX is a profitable Corporation that
makes money to pay all that work there. It is not your mother or father
just a job.

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Name: Grateful CSXer
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Posted: 04 March 2017

<p>I am one of the 1000 being purged in the initial stages of what
become the Hunter Harrison era.  It has been a great privilege to work
for CSX.  I work in the Technology area and can truly say that this is
the best place I have ever worked.  I want to personally thank Mr.
and the board for looking out for his employees during these very
difficult times.  It speaks volumes for the character of this
man.</p><p>What is going on now is a tragedy.  It is nothing more than
a hostile takeover of a company pandering to the big stockholders and
the market.  The operating ratio will be achieved by drastic cost
cutting, heavy employee attrition rates, and a culture change that
be ruled by fear and anxiety.  HH has never grown business, only
achieved goals by significant employee cutting, rolling stock
reductions, real estate sales, and accounting tricks.</p><p>What CSX
means to Jacksonville will drastically change, if it remains a
Jacskonville company at all.  HH at CP wanted to merge with CSX and he
failed.  He moved on to target a NS merger and that failed.  Now he
wants to take over CSX with the ultimate goal of merger with CP by
negotiating with his hand-picked successor.  His precision railroading
works well on railroads where the ride from point A to B only faces
weather and elk crossings.  It is a very bad fit for the congested,
short routes CSX and NS face in the heavily congested East
Coast.</p><p>I still hold out hope that stockholders will not support
this man and tell him to take his nurse and retire quietly.  His offer
includes promises that won't be backed by incentives based upon
performance and he is fighting the request for an independent health
assessment.  Stockholders have a right to know if this $300 million
is healthy enough to last 4 years before giving him
my fellow CSX employees, God bless you and may you find peace during
these difficult times.  Contrary to what the market analysts say, CSX
is a well run company greatly impacted by the utter destruction of the
coal industry thanks to the growing administrative state.  The loss of
revenue there is the greatest reason for the operating ratio
stagnation.  We are witnessing the destruction of a great institution
that will resonate through the industry.  No one should be

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