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Name: Future
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Posted: 09 March 2018

Cn was Hh first slash and burn rr in Canada. Sold everything he could
cut lots of jobs. Ran the existing equipment into the ground, bad order
cars where never taken off trains. Had the highest fatalities under his
watch. Major derailment month after month. Today ceo replaced they have
to spend millions of dollars to go back to the way the company was ran
before Hh destroyed it. Cn and cp has left so much money on the table
by not shipping grain. Now the goverment will force them to. CSX
employees this is how it is going to go down at CSX. Because will even
get worse the way your network of tracks are laid out. Donít lose focus
who Foote really works for mantle ridge. My point there are going to be
many mistakes and screw up by this management team before they realize
they will have to go back to the basics. Serving customers and looking
for new business. Foote never mentions new business. Because cutting
everything he canít take on new business. Not away to run a railway.

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