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Name: Fear
Employed as: APE, for Less than 1 year
Posted: 05 December 2017

Every railroad that Hh has ran,he creates a climate of fear and
intimidation.we all know our jobs and rules. When I was given a
directive from a manager and I knew it was wrong. I would inform him or
her I will do it under protest. Then I recorded everything in my note
book. And then go about my work. If something happened I had my notes
and the heat was on them. The catch 22 with Hh is though,if a manager
was taking short cuts etc. And something did happen some people where
pulled out of service for not going above his head and reporting
manager. I guess it is up to the individual if you want to police them.
Which I feel they get big bucks to manage ,I was just a wage slave.

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