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Name: Due diligence 
Employed as: Employed in other capacity, for Less than 1 year
Posted: 12 March 2018

Do what is required of you nothing more nothing less. Do only what you
are instructed to do. Do not help the company out, give them factual
information let them decide on your moves. You still work under a
collective agreement and it stands till your contract expires. Follow
all the rules never argue with management,unless your life or others
lives are in danger. Follow all the rules and you should not get nailed
for insubordination. I always made it clear, to the guys the management
team get paid the big bucks to make decisions and manage people. The
days of you scratch my back I scratch your back are gone. Donít be the
hero it will get you nowhere. CSX management is still trying to roll
out Hh progressive rr plan. There going to make mistakes, donít put
yourself in a position to get blamed for there mistakes. And do not
offer solutions or suggestions to there problems.

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