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Name: Monitor
Employed as: Friend or family of employee, for 20-30 years
Posted: 12 October 2017

Graham Buxton 

Your using an LG "TRIBUE HD" L5676 model correct?  Play nice! If your
a foamer then you are mixed up. Most foamers love the railroad because
they love locomotives and the "OLD CHARM" the railroad once held in
their young lives and usually don't trash the crews. I know. I have
talked to dozens of them. And yes, they do support our issues! They
especially don't make comments like yours..... Troll and put a "HIT"
on cry baby crews.......
Only managers/supervisors enjoy putting "Hits" on crew members. I get
the impression you are neither a rail buff or Supervisor. I could be
wrong. You may have lost your job position and your back in the ranks
as one of the blue collars now. Your mad and having a temper tantrum.
If not then you have some hatred for T&E employees. I would then say
the term "HIT" means something else. Again, put your phone down and
find some help or relaxing therapy. If you don't have anything
productive or helpful to post that will help the crews through this
horrible takeover and transition then do us all a favor and go find a
site that offers a support group for survivors of what ever abuse you
have been through.

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