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Name: Jim Jones 
Employed as: Conductor, for 30+ years
Posted: 07 March 2017

FUH2 survival guide 

I've been at CP for 30 years. Unfortunately you're about to be
royally screwed. His first move will be to fire multiple employees
across the system in an effort to change the "culture ". Then he'll
go through your contract, and reinterpret every comma, to the
company's advantage. He'll send his minions to fail you with the aim
of having every man on the verge of dismissal. All calling procedures
and local rules will be suspended. Engineers will be forced to work as
brakeman. Crew transportation companies will have their contracts
canceled. You'll be tossed a set of keys and told to drive yourself.
The union will be powerless to stop him, due to the clogged legal
system. But not for lack of trying. Your union dues will double, all to
no avail. 

Start working on your resumes! Take correspondence courses to upgrade
your skill set. Buy CSX call options, with an expiration of Jan 2019!
HH will triple the value of your stocks, come hell or high water,
thereby increasing the value of your options tenfold. You'll take cold
comfort in the devastation around you knowing that you can escape when
it becomes unbearable! I wish I had done it 4 years ago. Good luck

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