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Employed as: Friend or family of employee, for 20-30 years
Posted: 12 August 2017


You have Federal rights that protect you as a union member in the
United States. Read your LMRDA members bill of rights.

Members who wish to sue union officials for violation of the fiduciary
duty provisions must first request that the union itself take action.
If the union does not take action WITHIN A REASONABLE PERIOD OF TIME 
the members may request permission of the court to sue.

The best way to protect and enforce your rights is to organize with
other members to put pressure on the "Boss" of the union through
petitions, group grievances, campaigns at union meetings and the best
of all create newsletters gaining support from outside groups.

Work place harassment, hostility, abuse and intimidation should be
considered an emergency work issue that your union should be not waste
any time addressing. If it seems that it is always one particular shift
or crew that is always on the target, then that should be filed as
"stalking" or discrimination against that particular group or person.
 Don't sit around and let it grow into something that is way out of
control.  You must put your union on notice and file complaints. You
have rights as union member for protection by your union as well as
state and federal laws.

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