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Name: brother
Employed as: Conductor, for 1-10 years
Posted: 06 December 2018


Be a cold day in hell that I use my personal cell phone to take an
"illegal" picture of a knuckle. If I even see another brother do it
or hear they did I will personally file a complaint with our union
about his behavior of violating the company rules and putting the rest
of the brothers is a place that sets them up for getting them
disciplined for not sucking arss and doing it for the company. Who ever
asked them to do that in the first place should be fired! Got some real
balls to tell someone to go get their turned off and stowed away
personal cell phone out and go take a picture of anything. If they want
to start that crap then there should be no reason that we cant take
pictures of anything that is a safety hazard or an FRA violation and
turn it in to the proper department or authorities.

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