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Name: beenthere
Employed as: APE, for 20-30 years
Posted: 12 June 2018


DONT BE AN IDIOT!!!!!  If you are ready to lose your job then go ahead
a blow the whistle. What you obviously don't get is that the
information you are complaining about will only get the company a slap
on the hand. Did you not learn anything since the time you were hired.
How many times have you seen the FRA turn their heads the other way.
I've seen it too many times to count. How many times have you been
ordered to violate a rule just to accommodate the supervisors and make
them look good just to turn around a be written up for a petty little
rules violation because they need their quota. I was blackmailed into
taking an observation failure by guilt. My other crew member broke a
rule that was not a major but the tag team TM's kept threatening to
write him up on it as a major. He was freaking out. So guess what they
did..... Played on my guilt and told me they were in hot water for not
having enough failures and asked if I would be willing to take a minor
hit and help them out. They would give my buddy a minor and forget the
major. So of course I did it to help him out.  This is the kind of shit
that goes down out here all the time. Was I stupid enough to report it?
Hell no because now I have another witness to the blackmail and
blackmail is bliss when its on the other foot. Saved it in my back
pocket for a rainy day. Two can play this game!
This is a multi million dollar company that WILL NOT BE SHUT DOWN over
petty little complaints about falsifying records and lying to the USDOT
and FRA and covering up recrews. They don't give a shit about our union
agreements and labor relations is as dirty as they come and the unions
are in their back pockets. The only thing that they will get is a
threat and a fine that is only pocket change to them.  You need
something along the lines or insider trading, severe tax evasion or
embezzlement to get your voice heard. You have none of this. All you
have is some information on operating practices that are misleading and
false and maybe a violation of FRA and USDOT law in regards of proper
reporting of the trains makeup and locations. THAT ISNT SHIT!   You
will become a target and you will lose your job. Don't be stupid. If
and when you plan on quitting maybe then you could go out with a bang
and reveal everything you know and CAN PROVE! Keep all the paperwork
you can. Accumulate as much as you can and then when its time to go and
you still want to do something about the lies and coverup do it then!

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