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Name: Management burnouts
Employed as: Other, non-employee, for N/A
Posted: 17 September 2018

Donít let these tm or managers get to you. They are just being used by
this regime. They are to believe there self importance, from all the bs
grooming from this regime. Foote and friends are playing these people
like a violin and getting them to push everyone and bend rules. But
when something happens these knot heads will take the fall and head
office will just play stupid. This tactic is out of Hh play book seen
the exact same thing at cp under Hh. Some managers stuck there neck out
and lost there head. Thought they where doing the company a big favour.
When the feds got involved they where fired. They learnt the hard way
being so called company men. Sit back donít get rattled, if they want
you to move your train with out proper paper work get them on the radio
to confirm this, write it down inform them you are going under protest
then  report them ASAP. Donít be the fall guy for these ass holes, they
have a big turn around with these TMs and managers. The head office
gives them enough rope to hang themselves. Donít go down with them
follow the company and fed rules they canít fire you for doing your due

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