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Name: Management fall guys
Employed as: Other, non-employee, for N/A
Posted: 09 October 2018

Management under the ceo are the fall guys, for the ceo to be able to
avoid the responsibility of being fined or jailed. The management that
encourages taking short cuts to speed up the operations of the railroad
know they are taking a chance. And if something happens injury death,
damage to equipment and infrastructure falls   on that manager. Which
leaves him in a position to be fined or jailed and fired . The ceo gets
to play stupid as to say he had no knowledge of the way that manager
took short cuts and did not do his due diligence set out by company
policy. The ceo is the Teflon Don. And these managers are more than
willing,to put themselves in this position, as scape goats. And doing
this just for the title of manager and gratification  from his

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