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Name: news
Employed as: APE, for 20-30 years
Posted: 07 March 2017


Before you start your ranting and raving over the bus/train crash in
Mississippi take about 5 minutes to use what ever little heart you have
left in the body of yours and feel sorry for the crew members who
probably pissed on themselves before they impacted a charter bus full
of people.  

Everyone take 5 minute of silence to pray for the crew members who's
lives will never be the same after this because of the loss of life.
They will be grilled and put under the microscope and made miserable to
weeks to come. Its a shame the driver wasn't paying better attention. 
Its a shame the crew couldn't have predicted the drivers moves and
stopped in time. Many lives will be changed now because someone just
wasn't paying attention.

God bless all the family members who lost loved ones!

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