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Name: LC
Employed as: APE, for 10-20 years
Posted: 11 August 2017

All Crafts

If your non union supervisors are doing your work, you better be
getting on the horn asap with your rep and making a call to the
international office.  No supervisor is ever supposed to be doing union
contract work. PERIOD!  If someone is walked off or suspended for taking
a needed a break, there are laws that cover how often an employee can be
worked without a break. You work for a private company. You do not WORK
FOR THE FEDERAL GOVERNMENT. You are still considered a civilian and
also governed by laws of the state in which you work. Now is the time
for you to be shouting up the butts of your union reps and demanding
protection from unfair labor practices and hostility in the workplace.
Excessive discipline needs to be documented by everyone and your
international made aware of every case that happens immediately.  
The unions are there for a reason. You pay them to represent you and
you have a right to demand that representation. Your right to go after
your union for not representing you to its fullest is protected under
federal law.  Now is not the time to sit on your asses and cry and
bitch because you think your union is worthless and wont do a thing.
Your power is being lost because you have let it. You have sat on your
butts and haven't been holding your union accountable. You want the
attention of your union then start doing things that make them take
notice.  Put them in the hot seat. You can go to the press if your
union isn't doing their jobs. You can picket your union.  You want
your workplace cleaned up then get your union off their asses!

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