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Name: OhioRailRunner
Employed as: Car repair, for 1-10 years
Posted: 11 July 2018

I don't know about you guys, but since the Mountain Valley Gas line has
come through the area i have seen such a great decline in coal and coal
related jobs. For example the Willow Island Power Station, which
depends on scrubbed coal which is much safer when it comes to pollution
than just burning coal alone. So if they have way to burn coal and keep
it clean for the enviroment why in the hell would they still shut down
this power plant that puts out many megawatts to support the
surrounding area. My guess is that the big wigs are the ones who made a
deal with the assholes behind the gas line to push coal away no matter
what interventions they come up with coal is just doomed. I have worked
for CSX for many years and slowly seen the company fall apart from
managers who i assumed at one time were more than just managers but
friends, to getting shafted on overtime. In the area i live in coal is
a big driving force for CSX and i just have a feeling that the layoffs
are coming soon since CSX themselves have railway routes up for sale.So
my ass is going back to college and get a degree and just maybe i wont
have to deal with backstabbing managers any more. To those of you who
are still busting your ass at CSX to provide for you family i wish you
all the best and if the storm is coming..godspeed!

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