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Name: LOCO
Employed as: Locomotive Engineer, for 20-30 years
Posted: 09 May 2018


You talk a big game. Come out of no where and spout off.
Let me tell you something pup. There are a lot of lazy self righteous
mama boys working out here now that would have had their asses kicked a
long time ago because the old heads would have set them straight and
took them out back. Cant do that now because you'll get fired for
hurting their tender little butts.

For the last year I have had to sit in the cab and listen to the cry
babies and do ALL THE REQUIRED WORK that both crew members are supposed
to make sure is done.
"Im not calling signals because I think it is stupid and just a waste
of time! Im not getting off the engine and watch trains as they go bye.
Someone almost got seriously hurt from it and its not safe! Their rules
are stupid!"

I had 2 supervisors tell me that they didn't give a shit who called
the signals or who got off and watched roll byes as long as it was
done. If no one got off or called signals both crew members will be
charged. You both know it is to be done!
So I have been calling the signals and getting off the train when we
are stopped while the worthless piece of crap who feels he is above the
rules and better than anyone else sits in the cab and sleeps!
I don't care what their worthless opinion is and I don't care if they
are immature children who cant handle authority. Im tired of baby
sitting their worthless butts and their days are numbered.
Now you tell me how are the guys who do their jobs, follow the rules
because it is part of their damn job supposed to handle these pukes?
You think it is fair to the rest of us because they want to have a
temper tantrum? If I had it my way I'd  kick their asses off in the
gravel at 60 mph and let them walk home! Mama boys don't belong on the

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