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Name: watchdog
Employed as: Employed in other capacity, for 10-20 years
Posted: 10 May 2018


Be glad system notice 103 was cancelled by 131. It amazes me how many
guys don't bother to read the notices. Just because you don't have to
carry them doesn't mean you shouldn't read them. How stupid are people
out here!  The only reason they cancelled it was because it had an order
for TM's to ride trains(60 miles) during this quarter. But the big
thing in it was an order to test 15 separate employees each month.
Wonder just how they pick and chose who they are going to test.  Back
to individual testing. Those who are old enough and have been around
here since conrail remember the list that came out with names of
employees the were supposed to head hunt. Not to mention the southern
region training manual that was put out to pick out and stalk "problem
employees"!  That was a major embarrassment when it was thrown in
Michael Wards face. Of course he denied he ever knew anything about it.
You young pups better wake up and start reading your notices. READ
Notice 135 was cancelled but replaced with 137. Only difference between
the two is the effective time. 
Making a seniority move is not ILLEGAL now or during the holiday or the
weekend. The union agreements for conductors still allow bumping

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