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Posted: 08 July 2018


I'm an Ex legislative rep and for a good reason. Your unions are
treating you no different than any other politician in Washington. 
Take 5 minutes to look at your SSA's last approved agreement. Look at
it good. Look for all the little hidden agenda's that are slipped into
this agreement that favors the carrier and should have been flat our
refused by your unions.

One very good example is Article 5-Perfect attendance stock award. Look
real close at the stipulations for you to receive your stock. 

Paragraph B describes the definition of perfect weekend attendance.
Notice the provision inserted by your unions and allowed to pass that
has nothing to do with perfect attendance,
"Employees who are found guilty of a human factor caused derailment
will be disqualified"!  What has a derailment have to do your perfect
attendance record? Absolutely nothing! When the carrier was forced to
remove the language that said anyone who received an injury would be
disqualified they had to find something else to replace it. The FRA was
livid when they read the language on injuries and knew it would
discourage individuals to come forward who were injured because they
didn't want to lose the stock. So now they found something new to help
them find a way out of awarding you stock. This language encourages the
carrier to do what ever it take to blame the crew for any derailment.
Any one who knows how it works in Washington and how bills are created
and passed know that many have irrelevant language added and agreements
inserted that have nothing to do with the original bill.  You have the
same thing happening in your agreements. READ THEM! find the hidden
language. Call your Union legislative reps and question how this kind
of language could be inserted into your articles. There are more snow
jobs than you can even imagine. Educate yourself. Makes notes of the
hidden agendas. File complaints! Demand an explanation!

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