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Name: Dumbfounded
Employed as: Locomotive Engineer, for 20-30 years
Posted: 15 May 2018


Jesus people! Do you ever take one minute to look at what the hell is
going on out here!! Just recrewed a train that was profiled with 2
engines and when we got to the recrew location it had 8! Then when we
got it in the tmci screen had one engine listed 3 times and 1 was
missing. Just how in the hell does your info get so screwed up. I just
can't understand for the life of me how this company stays afloat. If
the banks kept records the way you do our economy would be the worst in
the world.  God people, just get it together.  Just do some damn
homework. Quit embarrasing yourself. You have to know our family
members know this stuff and share it with neighbors, friends and co
workers. For the love of god, get it together!

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