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Name: legal
Employed as: Friend or family of employee, for 20-30 years
Posted: 10 June 2018


I will assume you have worked in the industry long enough to understand
the consequences of the actions you are considering. It is not unusual
for someone who takes an aggressive stand to end up being on a "watch
list" and end up fighting discipline charges.
If you do decide you want to follow through with your charges against
the company I suggest you sit down with your Union representation and
make sure they understand exactly what you are going to do. If you and
others have already filed claims/grievances against the company for
violations related to these same kind of documents and you were denied
compensation, your union representatives are well aware of what is
happening and the companies labor relations department is not in the
clear either. 
You say you were not hired with the agreement that they could use your
name on illegal or misleading documents. That is 100% correct. You
would never see that in writing. What you have done however is accept
compensation for the actions and therefore have "somewhat" agreed to
the terms and conditions of your pay. If you are serious about this and
are considering blowing the whistle the first thing you must do is
contact your payroll department and request that your pay be garnished
from your wages for the particular job that you are using as evidence
to open your case. Its my understanding that you can create a case in
your payroll department through the employee gateway. I suggest you
talk to them one on one first and then create the case. When requesting
that your wages be garnished for that particular job you need to make it
very clear that the documentation that was submitted for the creation of
the job as well as your pay ticket contained inaccurate, false and
misleading information about the job performed and could possibly be a
violation of federal law as well as a violation of your union
agreement. You must state that you do not want your name connected with
that particular job and will not accept pay from the company on the
grounds that it may incriminate you if the future. You will not accept
pay for a job performed under false pretenses. I do not have to tell
you what will be in store for you and that you will be opening a major
can of worms in many departments. Do not start this process unless you
intend to stick with it and see it through to the end.  You will need
protection on the job and it wont be pretty. You will need an attorney.
Before you do anything, again I will say sit down with your Union
representation and discuss this in depth. If they are involved and
looking the other way you are most likely not going to get the support
from them that you expect or pay for but it is best for you to put them
on notice that you will be playing hard ball and it would be in their
best interest to get on board. I wish you luck with this endeavor if
you go forward with it. It will be a hard rocky road but if things are
being done illegally it is your duty as well as others to bring it
forward. A federal offense is a federal offense. Whistle blower
protection was created for a reason.

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