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Name: conductor
Employed as: Conductor, for 1-10 years
Posted: 17 October 2020


Amen brother. That TM Chuck supposidly made a gentleman's agreement if
Avon crews take care of the 642 outbound work  their crews would do all
the 641 outbound work. It doesn't work out that way most the time.
There are certain laf. Guys who always seen to never get in on time and
Avon crews get screwed going that work too. There is no such thing as a
damn gentleman's agreement! The crooked Chicago supervisors took off
the first shift yard job so they could deny claims. Labor relations is
saying YW claims are no good because there is no yard jobs. If second
trip comes on duty while your working you should stop working and they
should take over.  Of course that ain't gonna happen! Add 2nd shift
yard crew to your claim. Put names and cars handled in their shift. All
moved made over 3. This bullshit that it's an intermediate terminal is
bullshit as well. You go to the hotel. It's the end of your run. It's
the beginning run for the outbound. Also, you need to report doing the
carmans work if you got to class one any tracks. They have one assigned
to the yard and he is never there. They say he can't class one cars
unless they are on air supply. You should never have to class one any
cars hooked to air. That's his job or a damn yard jobs duties. They
get away with too much shit there. Pulling in and doing 3-4 hours flat
switching to build the outbound train is bullshit. Crews should set out
their inbound Lafayette cars and get the hell off. Outbound needs to get
on their shitand do their jobs. Avon crews build their train at home
then come in and build Lafayetts outbound. Treated like dogs. This is
why NO ONE will answer a roster call and why so many take FMLA!

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